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JuliDupré for State Senate 

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Julie graduated from Washburn High School, received a BA at Bethel College, and completed some graduate studies at the University of Arizona. At one point she held a Realtor's license and has held Teaching licenses in several states.

Julie’s broad background will serve her constituency well in SD49. She has over 30 years as an educator teaching at every level from elementary to university. She taught for the University of Arizona and in the barrio of Tucson. In Hawaii she taught for Hawaii Preparatory Academy and she taught English for an elite Japanese girl’s school, So Ji June Shin. In Minnesota, her teaching led her to become a sought-after teacher for high-level EBD students - a nice balance for her 10 years as a downhill ski instructor on the weekends.

 Julie has also been successful in her entrepreneurial endeavors having created four businesses - one so successful as to have had a nationwide clientele with customers such as Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue.

She is an established designer and holds 2 of her own copyrights. Her experience as a project manager proves her ability to get things done on time and within budget. 

An active member of the Holy Family Church in St. Louis Park, Julie holds to steadfast Christian values. These values have guided her through turbulent times and keep her fighting for a God-ordered society where the dignity of each and every human being is valued.

  1. City of Edina -- Entire City
  2. West Bloomington --- West of Normandale Blvd, and North of 98th Street & west of France Ave
  3. City of Eden Prairie --- Inside of the 494 Loop
  4. City of Minnetonka --- Two precincts north of Hwy 62 (1B, 1C), south of the railroad track

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