Economy & Environment

Yes! We can Do Both at the Same Time!

Republicans care about our environment just as much as anyone else in the world, we just believe that we can use common sense regulations to protect our environment and still grow our economy at the same time. This is a more reasonable approach to this issue which will help sustain a robust economy. We can preserve our lakes, rivers, and forests as well as keep our citizens working.

I strongly disagree with the radical approach of the Green New Deal which implies that in order to reduce by less than 0.5% of CO2¬ we have to ride horses again for transportation! I don’t know how everyone would feel about it, but I think our society needs to move forward, not going back to the middle ages.

We are on the verge of moving much of our manufacturing capabilities back to the US from overseas, it’s time that Minnesota capitalize on this and attract business to our communities and put more people back to work.

Having the new trade deals with Japan, South Korea, and USMCA in place, we should be able to see a surge in exports and many more jobs created in manufacturing and farming. After beating experts’ expectations, our economy created 4.8 million jobs in June of 2020. I am confident to say, that we are on the right track and President Trump is leading us into an era of prosperity, the "Best is Yet to Come!"