Quality Education and Greater Academic Performance

I have been an educator for over 35 years, I understand the importance of a great quality education for all children.

Over the years I have witnessed the quality of our schools has been on the decline. Now is the time that we must reform our schools and deliver not only quality education but also great learning results.

In our schools, having world class facilities like science labs, race tracks and media centers are important. However, at the fundamental level we should teach our children not so much what to think, but how to think. Encourage them to think outside the box and develop critical thinking skills. Students need to be encouraged to ask questions, think creatively, to solve problems, and even challenge the information given to them; this will help our children to creatively solve challenging problems with a critical mind.

Cut down waste! Each year many schools would go on a spending frenzy to spend the remaining annual budget only to end up with excessive equipment stored and other materials not being used efficiently. I understand why this happens because schools don’t want to lose funding for the next year; if they don’t spend their entire budget they might face a budget cut in the future. Therefore, we must shift our policy to ensure schools have enough funding for their education programs, but use their budgets more efficiently to improve academic performance while cutting down unnecessary waste.