Legal Immigrants Make our Country Prosperous 

Having a comprehensive immigration system is a key to our future success in the State of Minnesota and the country. We should have immigration policies that can attract the most brilliant minds from all over the world and invite them here to build our country together.

We should have immigration policies that will help grow our economy and help to improve our technology sector in order to take on the challenges our future brings. I fundamentally understand the importance of keeping a robust immigration system; they bring fresh ideas and different perspectives on many levels that are changing the way we see the world today.

Our universities attract the most brilliant minds from around the world each year. Some of them will contribute the next revolutionary idea in STEM, some of these PhD and Masters students can possibly become our next generation of entrepreneurs, inventors, or engineers who will help to supercharge our economy to become the envy of the world. We should have policies that can better attract these top talents to stay in the US and be a part of this American Dream!

I am in favor of merit-based immigration policies. We need to close many of the loopholes we currently have in our systems, fight illegal border crossing, incentivize people to come to the US legally, and shorten the processing time for citizenship.

Fighting illegal immigration is protecting our immigrants’ communities. I have talked to an immigrant from Taiwan, he said: allowing and encouraging illegal immigrants to come here is a big slap in the face to all of the legal immigrants who came here following the laws. We have worked so hard and waited in line for years and now someone can just jump the border, cut the line, and break the laws so they can get better treatment than us, that’s not fair!

I will fight to protect our legal immigration community - ensuring the rights they have fought on for so many years will be protected.

The US is the most generous country in the world, very welcoming to immigrants, I would hope that they can respect our system, love our country, champion our values, and follow our laws.