Build A Better Minnesota


Quality Education and Greater Academic Performance

I have been an educator for over 35 years, I understand the importance of a great quality education for all children.

Over the years I have witnessed the quality of our schools has been on the decline. Now is the time that we must reform our schools and deliver not only quality education but also great learning results. 

In our schools, having world class facilities like science labs, race tracks and media centers are important. However, at the fundamental level we should teach our children not so much what to think, but how to think. Encourage them to think outside the box and develop critical thinking skills. Students need to be encouraged to ask questions, think creatively, to solve problems, and even challenge the information given to them; this will help our children to creatively solve challenging problems with a critical mind.

Cut down waste! Each year many schools would go on a spending frenzy to spend the remaining annual budget only to end up with excessive equipment stored and other materials not being used efficiently. I understand why this happens because schools don’t want to lose funding for the next year; if they don’t spend their entire budget they might face a budget cut in the future. Therefore, we must shift our policy to ensure schools have enough funding for their education programs, but use their budgets more efficiently to improve academic performance while cutting down unnecessary waste.  

Economy and the Environment

Yes! We Can Do Both at The Same Time

Republicans care about our environment just as much as anyone else in the world, we just believe that we can use common sense regulations to protect our environment and still grow our economy at the same time. This is a more reasonable approach to this issue which will help sustain a robust economy. We can preserve our lakes, rivers, and forests as well as keep our citizens working. 

I strongly disagree with the radical approach of the Green New Deal which implies that in order to reduce by less than 0.5% of CO2¬ we have to ride horses again for transportation! I don’t know how everyone would feel about it, but I think our society needs to move forward, not going back to the middle ages.

We are on the verge of moving much of our manufacturing capabilities back to the US from overseas, it’s time that Minnesota capitalize on this and attract business to our communities and put more people back to work.

Having the new trade deals with Japan, South Korea, and USMCA in place, we should be able to see a surge in exports and many more jobs created in manufacturing and farming. After beating experts’ expectations, our economy created 4.8 million jobs in June of 2020. I am confident to say, that we are on the right track and President Trump is leading us into an era of prosperity, the "Best is Yet to Come!"


I Fight for Low-Cost, High-Quality Healthcare!

It’s no secret that our healthcare cost is among the highest in the world, with such high cost that we have not seen the results expected. Today, America is not leading the world in many areas, such as physical fitness, infant mortality rate, life expectancy, suicide rate, mental health issues, and more. It doesn’t make sense that we pay more in healthcare than many other countries and we are still falling behind so many areas.

You might ask why we pay so much into the system and are still not getting the results we hoped for. One of the problems is price transparency in the healthcare industry! I want to work toward a system where patients know the cost of goods and services before they receive their treatment. By increasing price transparency we can give the power back to the people and force hospitals to compete with each other for customers with better quality.

Job Creation

Put People to Work

Our economy had created 2.5 million jobs in May and 4.8 million jobs in June amid this Covid-19 pandemic; we should ride on that momentum and bring more jobs to Minnesota! 

We have many sources of data to suggest that Minnesota is ready to open up and get our economy going again - let the small business owners serve their customers, hire back their workforce and create more opportunities for Minnesotans.

We want to see Minnesota become a vibrant hub for new start-up companies once again by using incentives to make it easier for small businesses to grow, thrive, and create new jobs in our communities. Small businesses and start-ups are key factors to job creation; we want to remove the roadblocks in our government bureaucracy that are keeping the small businesses down.

Minnesota should be the leader in job creation and economic growth in the country, but our politicians and government bureaucrats have too much red tape limiting the growth we ought to see in our great state. I aim to remove some of the hurdles by employing common-sense regulations to help unleash our economic might and spur on Minnesota's economic boom that’ll define our future. 


Legal Immigrants Make Our Country Prosperous!

Having a comprehensive immigration system is a key to our future success in the State of Minnesota and the country. We should have immigration policies that can attract the most brilliant minds from all over the world and invite them here to build our country together. 

Our universities attract the most brilliant minds from around the world each year. Some of them will contribute the next revolutionary idea in STEM, some of these PhD and Masters students can possibly become our next generation of entrepreneurs, inventors, or engineers who will help to supercharge our economy to become the envy of the world. We should have policies that can better attract these top talents to stay in the US and be a part of this American Dream!

 I am in favor of merit-based immigration policies. We need to close many of the loopholes we currently have in our systems, fight illegal border crossing, incentivize people to come to the US legally, and shorten the processing time for citizenship.

Fighting illegal immigration is protecting our immigrants’ communities. I have talked to an immigrant from Taiwan, he said: allowing and encouraging illegal immigrants to come here is a big slap in the face to all of the legal immigrants who came here following the laws. We have worked so hard and waited in line for years and now someone can just jump the border, cut the line, and break the laws so they can get better treatment than us, that’s not fair!

I will fight to protect our legal immigration community - ensuring the rights they have fought on for so many years will be protected.

The US is the most generous country in the world, very welcoming to immigrants, I would hope that they can respect our system, love our country, champion our values, and follow our laws.  


It’s Our Turn to Serve Our Heroes!

We believe it’s our moral and ethical obligation to serve those who have served and protected us. 

We need to deploy programs to help our veterans to transition from military life to civilian life; those programs can include job training, mentorship, and career advice sessions.

Our brave veterans had sacrificed so much for our safety, the last thing they should worry about after they come home is struggling to pay their bills and looking for a job. We should pass bills encouraging employers to hire these motivated individuals and keep serving the communities they love. 

The 2nd Amendment

Let’s Protect Our God-Given Rights!

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Our founding fathers understood clearly that in order to secure a Free State we must protect our God-given rights to keep and bear arms. As free people, we have the rights to defend ourselves when the State fails to do so, and I will fight to defend our rights given to us from God. 

We can keep our community safe from gun violence by enforcing our existing laws and keep our police forces well-funded. Currently for anyone to purchase a gun in Minnesota, you are required by law to have a license, if you want a carry license you are required to take a full day class and pass a test at the end of the course. Once you pass the test you will receive a certificate, you then take that certificate to the county Sherriff’s office to apply for a license, the Sherriff’s office will run a background check on all applicants before issuing a license. After that, when you go to a gun shop, they will run a federal background check on you before you can walk out of the shop with a gun. This sounds like a pretty good system to me, all the talks about “anyone can go to a Wal-Mart and buy guns” is misinformation.

The Democrats keep using the term “universal background check”, but what does it mean? No one has clearly explained what that means. Does it mean you check everyone living in the State or you check on everyone turning 16 or 18 in the State? Then what? Only allow the people who passed the background check to buy guns? We are already doing that! People today who can’t pass a background check can’t obtain a license; therefore, we already have a law to not sell guns to anyone with a questionable or criminal record. That’s why in order to keep our communities safe we need well-funded police forces to enforce our laws and to track the illegal sales/smugglings of arms.

Remember, murdering someone is already illegal, did the criminals obey the laws?

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